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The Basics of Deck Construction and Planning

Are you interested in building a deck? If so, you need to understand the basics of deck construction and planning. Building a deck can be a great way to increase your living space and add value to your home.

Before building your deck, it is important to plan carefully. Consider the size and design of your deck, the type of materials you will use, and any zoning restrictions that may apply. Also, consider the purpose and use of the deck, whether it will be for entertaining, relaxing, or for storage.

Once you have established the design and purpose of your deck, it is time to select the materials. The most common materials for deck construction are pressure treated lumber, cedar, and composite decking. Pressure treated lumber is the most affordable and durable choice, while cedar and composite decking offer a more elegant look.

Next, it is important to consider the substructure of your deck. This includes the footings, joists, and beams that will support the deck. It is important to use the right materials and to ensure that your deck is properly supported.

After the substructure is in place, you can begin to add the decking boards. Make sure to use fasteners that are suitable for the type of materials you are using. You should also add a protective sealant to the deck to protect it from the elements.

Finally, you can add the finishing touches to your deck. This includes railings, lighting, benches, and other features. You may also want to consider adding a pergola or custom gazebo for additional style and protection from the sun.

Building a deck can be a great way to enhance your home and create new living space. By following these steps and planning carefully, you can ensure that your deck is built to last. For more information on deck construction and planning, visit Terra Decks. They also offer custom gazebos in Aurora.

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